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4 January 2015


Happy New Year!

Math Games to Celebrate 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you have had a great start to the year!

To help you celebrate the start of a new year, I have updated my New Year math games for 2015 and added a new print and play game.

There are now 4 printable games that the kids can use to celebrate the start of 2015.

These games are perfect for the first math lessons of the year!

Download the New Year Math Games 2015 Freebie at

There are 3 math board games and 1 print and play game sheet in this set.

All of the games are based around 2015! 






Here is another great way to start the year with a fun, math activity!

Use 2015 as the Number of the Day! You can choose what you would like the kids to do to the number. Use the ideas above or come up with your own!


New Pick, Flip Check Cards!

You might also be interested in my new set of Pick, Flip, Check Cards.

This is the factors set which will compliment the multiples set quite well!

This set contains 32 self correcting cards. Children use clothespins to pick the factors for the given number. They then flip the card over to see if they are right.

Kids love the challenge of having all of the correct numbers picked when they flip the cards over!

The Factors Pick, Flip and Check Cards are available at





If you haven't tried any of the Pick, Flip and Check cards you might like to try these FREEBIES -

Addition and Subtraction Pick, Flip and Check Cards


Multiples and Division Pick, Flip and Check Cards


10 December 2014

Merry Christmas! Math Games

and Math Freebies to Celebrate Christmas!

Bring some Christmas fun to math time with these Christmas math games! Here are a few listed below.

Just click on the thumbnail.


To see all of my Christmas game and activities go to -


Christmas Math No Prep FREEBIES - 2 printable game sheets



More printable games - these are math board games.






These grade by grade collections each contain 14 printable Christmas Math Games - 9 math board games and 5 NO PREP Game sheets.


This is my original Christmas math collection with Christmas Math Games, Christmas Math Puzzles and Christmas Brain Teasers!


Snowman Math

I also have some snowman themed math which is ideal for those who don't

want math with a direct reference to Christmas!

A set of Snowman themed math board games



More Snowman Math Board Games for Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division


27 October 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Math Games, Freebies and More!

If you want some fun Halloween activities for kids, I have lots and lots for you to choose from!


Halloween Math Games, Halloween Literacy, Loads of Halloween Freebies, Ideas for Halloween Games, Spider Math and more -

You can find them all on this page -


or click on the thumbnails below


Halloween Math



Halloween Math Bump Games Freebie! Kids love to BUMP!



Halloween Math Games, Halloween Math Puzzles, Halloween Math Brain Teasers!




Halloween Math Games for First and Second Grade - Math Board Games

and No Prep Math Game Sheets




Halloween Math Games for Third and Fourth Grade - Math Board Games

and No Prep Math Game Sheets



Halloween NO PREP Math Games Sheets

8 Printable Halloween Math Games



Halloween Math Board Games FREEBIE


Halloween Math Ideas


This Halloween Math Puzzle Chart is easy to make. Just draw several ghost outlines on the chart or sheet of paper. Now fill each ghost with the digits from an  equation. Children have to unscramble the digits to make the equation.

These are all addition equations in the chart above.  In the first ghost above the equation could be 19+4=23.

Make the equations as easy or as difficult as you like!  A great Halloween math challenge!



Here is a great fraction activity using Halloween words. Simply make a list of the words then have children work out the fraction of letters that are consonants and the fraction that are vowels!


Halloween Literacy



Halloween Literacy Puzzles and Games



Halloween Literacy Puzzle Sheets FREEBIE



Halloween Spooky Story Starters FREEBIE



Make this great chart with this freebie!


Halloween Word Game



Here is a great idea for a Halloween Word Game for 2 players or 2 teams - just fill a grid with Halloween words writing across the grid. Now have the kids make words from the letters on the grid and cross off the letters as they are used. Of course they aren't allowed to use the words that have been written on the board. In the game above the first player has crossed off the letters for 'crow'.

The last player who can make a word is the winner.


Spider Math Games



Spiders Math Games Multiplication and Division



Spiders Math Games Addition and Subtraction


6 June 2014

End of Year and Summer Math Games

For some of you the end of the school year is over while others are getting close.  If you would like some Summer themed math games, you will love what I have today.

These are ideal for preparing a Summer packet for children to use at home over the Summer or for the last days of school when children want to have fun but need to still be doing worthwhile activities.


I have 2 End of Year Games Freebies that are perfect for fun math with a Summertime theme.

This set of games has one game from each of my new End of Year Math Game Collections.

Download this Freebie now at





I have also extended the End of Year Games Freebie that I created last year.


It now has 7 printable games with a cute summer theme including 2 literacy games.



Download this now at





Hope the kids enjoy the games! :)


If you want more summer math games, make sure you also check out my

4 End of Year Math Games collections. Each one contains 14 printable math games -



End of Year Math Games First Grade


End of Year Math Games Second Grade



End of Year Math Games Third Grade


End of Year Math Games Fourth Grade


6 May 2014

More NO PREP Math Games

My new print and play games for multiplication and division are now ready! I know that there have been quite a few people waiting for these as the addition and subtraction ones have been very popular and some of you have been asking for multiplication and division ones! Remember these games are -

Quick and Easy to Prepare

Fun and Engaging!

Great for reviewing skills!

Here are the new Multiplication and Division Print and Play Games including a few FREEBIES of course! :)

Multiplication Games NO PREP Longest Line


Multiplication FREEBIE No Prep Games


Division Games NO PREP Longest Line


Division FREEBIE No Prep Games


Hope the kids enjoy these games and if you want to stock up on games, now is a great time to do so with the TPT Sale now on -


Use the TPT Promo Code

and SAVE!

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale so you can save 28% on all of my Math Games and Phonics Games.


Just remember to use the code - TPTXO


10 April 2014

Easter Fun and Games!


You definitely won't be short of fun Easter math for the kids this year!

I have several Easter math freebies and also several Easter math and Literacy collections.

There is almost enough here to keep the kids busy until Easter next year! :)


New Easter NO PREP Math Games


My newest Easter Games are these No Prep Print and Play Games.

There are 10 Print and Play Easter math games for addition and subtraction in this set.



Easter Math Games No Prep


Easter Literacy Puzzles and Games

My other new set of Easter activities is the Easter word puzzles and Easter word games!



Easter Literacy Puzzles and Games


Easter FREEBIES for math!


These FREEBIES contain Easter math games and Easter math puzzle sheets.




Easter Math Printables Freebie


Easter Math Mazes


Easter Literacy FREEBIES


I also have a few Easter word puzzles.


Easter Word Puzzles FREEBIE


Easter Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Some of you will have this from last year but for those who don't this collection is jammed with

Easter Math Board Games,

Easter Math Puzzle Sheets and

Easter Math Brain Teasers!


Easter Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers


Easter Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers


Well I hope you have a wonderful Easter whatever you may be doing and wherever you are! :)





12 March


Fun St. Patrick's Day Math


I have lots of fun math for St. Patrick's Day!



I have some new math FREEBIES for St. Patrick's Day!


No Prep games to just print and play!

In this St. Patrick's Day addition game, players search for pairs or trios that add to 17.


In this game players try to be the first to make a line of four.
They roll 2 dice then take this total from 17.
Of course, green pencils are perfect for playing these games. :)
Download now at


You will find more St. Patrick's Day math fun in


This set contains two math board games and a math puzzle.

Download now from St. Patrick's Day Math Printables FREEBIES 


Want more fun math for St. Patrick's Day?


For loads more St. Patrick's Day Math make sure you check out my

St. Patrick's Day Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers collection with

7 St. Patrick's Day Math Board Games

7 St. Patrick's Day Math Puzzle Sheets


12 St. Patrick's Day Math Brain Teasers!


St. Patrick's Day Math Games, Puzzles and Brain Teasers







28 February


NO PREP Addition and Subtraction Games


My new collection of math games ticks all of the boxes!

Quick and Easy to Prepare

Fun and Engaging!

Great for reviewing skills!

There really are NO PREP games! Just print the game you want and hand it to the kids!


Check out these new Print and Play Games including a few FREEBIES of course! :)



Addition FREEBIES No Prep Games


Addition NO PREP Games Pairs and Trios

25 Print and Play Addition Games

Addition NO PREP Games Pairs and Trios


Subtraction FREEBIE No Prep Games


Subtraction FREEBIES No Prep Games


Subtraction Games NO PREP Find a Difference

26 Print and Play Subtraction Games

Subtraction Games NO PREP Find a Difference


Hope the kids have heaps of fun with these games!

Pick, Flip and Check Cards

Addition Pick, Flip, Check Cards


Subtraction Pick, Flip, Check Cards


Division Pick, Flip, Check Cards


Multiples Pick, Flip, Check Cards


Factors Pick, Flip, Check Cards



Bump Games Freebies


Place Value Games for 2 Digit Numbers


Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers


35 Addition Bump Games

25 Subtraction Bump Games

27 Multiplication Bump Games

33 Division Bump Games


Looking for Fun

Phonics Games?


Silent e Phonics Games

R Controlled Vowels

Phonics Games

CVC Phonics Games

Long Vowel Digraphs Phonics Games








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